Dan & Taylor




August 16th at 5:30 PM


AUGUST 17th 5:00PM


The main hotel room block is at the Graduate Hotel. There will be golf cart transportation to the welcome party and bus transportation to the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club for the wedding.

The secondary room block, the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel, is a 5-minute walk to the welcome party, however, you will have to meet at the Graduate Hotel for bus transportation to the wedding or arrange your own. Uber is very limited in this area.

Links below to book!


The closest airport is BWI (Baltimore Airport). It is a 35-minute drive with no traffic. It is very easy to call an Uber or a taxi from the airport! IAD (Dulles Airport) and DCA (Reagan National Airport) are much further away taking a little over an hour to arrive at either hotel.

For our 3 local friends, both hotels and the venue have parking available. Venue parking is free.


Kindly reply by July 1st

The Welcome Party!

The Wedding!

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Where can I text you?

Can I bring a plus one?

If you have a plus one they will be specifically addressed on the envelope!
Can I bring my kids?

No! We actually like your kids a lot but we asked 90% of the parents if they wanted to bring their kids and they said absolutely not....
What should I wear to the welcome party?

Cocktail attire!
What should I wear to the wedding/what is fun formal?

Stay with me here- Color encouraged. Sparkle encouraged. Feather encouraged (FUN). Tea length or floor length dresses for women, men* suit no tie (wear a tie if you want to lol).

*Abe & Sergio please do not pay attention to the dress code. I really want you to take this opportunity to try your best to outdress both Dan and I. I'm counting on you.

Should I wear white to the wedding?

Here is the thing, Taylor actually doesn't care, however, Taylor's bridesmaids do and they will bully you and they are vicious little devils.
I want to stay somewhere else that isn't where the wedding block is, is that ok?

Yes! We don't care!
What happens if I don't get on your shuttle bus to the venue for the wedding?

You will probably miss the ceremony lol. Uber is super limited. Traffic across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge can be brutal. So if you don't get on the shuttle busses that's fine, but you need to plan ahead if you want to be on time. Give yourself 45 minutes to get over from Annapolis.
Is the wedding inside or outside?

All inside, ceremony, and reception are at the same location.
Is it an open bar?

Who should we contact if we have any questions?

Email- Danandtayp@gmail.com
Text- Dan 202 570 5097 and he will ask Taylor



Whether you just want to know where to be and at what time OR you need a full timeline with Pinterest boards and photos of the buses, we have something for everyone.

From least to most detailed the information is the same. Pick your poison.